Glittering Finery for the Ears

For centuries, jewelers have strived to improve and refine how they cut diamonds, to maximize sparkle while preserving size. Today’s diamond connoisseurs are able to enjoy the fruits of these innovations, whether in the form of tiny circles reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, large rectangles of purest clarity, or anything else a person can dream. Someone searching for the perfect diamond earrings has a wealth of cuts and designs to choose from.

Diamond earrings highlight one of a woman’s best features, drawing attention to her face. Many men also wear earrings, usually small studs placed in a single ear. People of all genders love to look their best and enjoy a little luxury from time to time. Those who have many pairs of earrings may wish to display their finery on a jewelry tree. Each pair of earrings is slotted into place, free from the risk of tangling or scratches. Pieces with high monetary or sentimental value might be best locked away for safekeeping.

We often pay attention to beautiful pieces of jewelry with our hearts rather than of our minds; however both should be used when making such an important choice. One consideration is synthetic stones. With current technology, they can look as good or better than the real thing. While a respectable jeweler can distinguish the two, a consumer might not be able to tell the difference. For this reason it is a good idea to shop in a physical or online establishment with a high reputation for quality and experience.

If you’ve lost an earring, a good jeweler can make a duplicate or perhaps divide the remaining earring into two separate pieces. Save any extra remaining gemstones which remain from the transformation, as you might need them in the future.

Marilyn Monroe praised diamonds as a girl’s best friend. They symbolize eternity, true love and affection. Their rarity gives diamond jewelry a higher resale value than any other gemstone, making them an investment.

When purchasing diamond jewelry, please be careful. The market is flooded with fake diamonds labeled as the real thing. Only an experienced person can distinguish a genuine diamond from a false one. Certified diamonds have already been authenticated, with detailed reports attesting to the quality of each jewel.

While rhinestones and their ilk have their moments, only diamonds give cause to sing.

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