Glam Up Like a True Fashion Girl

How does a girl glam up for a date night or an evening event? Is it by staying true to her style, or does glamour come with flashy fineries? Well, of course your outfit plays a huge role, but the glamour quotient is never complete unless it’s finished off the right way. What the dresses start, the jewelry finish. So, the best way to glamour up for a special evening is to pick the right jewelry and follow some easy and simple guidelines of accessorizing. Let’s find out what some of these mantras are:

Making the Statement
The rule of thumb in jewelry picking is to be wise in your choice. To be able to make a statement as big as it gets, you have to have the eye for the right stuff.  Keep it simple, but with the right pieces. For instance, if you are thinking necklaces, consider layering them up with a few skinny pieces. If you are thinking bracelet, consider stacking up multiple single bracelets. If you are looking for earrings, pick a set of drop earrings to go with your party wear. Keep it straightforward.

Assemble It Right
Never be afraid to think outside the box. Mixing and matching may be a lot of brainwork and research, but it’s worth the salt. Double up your finger bands, in fact triple it up if that looks good. When you are experimenting, do not stop at gems or stone cuts. Try metals and styles. Yes, that’s going bold, and that brings us to our next point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold
Never hold back your creativity. Let your style lead the way and you will know where to go. Do not hesitate to go into your high-end treasure box to put together a suite of jewelry. Instead, lay everything out to see what catches your eye and what you think works well together. There is no rule against bringing skinny and clunky together. If done the right way, even diamonds and onyxes can work together. So, reserve nothing for once a year. Try everything, to put together a fine suite that compliments your party outfit best.
The end goal is to look glamorous, and going the extra mile is particularly encouraged to that end.

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