Some Gift Ideas That Will Keep the Smile Lingering

For significant occasions as birthdays and anniversaries, men often run short of ideas beyond perfumes and flowers. Conversely, a greater degree of effort should go into finding that one thing that would bring an easy smile across her lips.One thing that a woman can’t possibly not appreciate is a piece of jewel. Now, jewelry like garments and gadgets is on a track of constant change. What was “chic” yesterday is “garish” tomorrow. Between the two, there is only so much space to explore before obtaining the artefact of presentation. If you are grasping for some last minute ideas here are some magnificent ones.

A Solitaire Ring
Though presenting a solitaire diamond ring is a classic gesture of marriage proposal, it makes a fine throwback for married couples on the event of their anniversary. Renewing the knot can’t get better without a solitaire band. If you had already asked for her hand with the Cathedral setting, then take a shift this time. A bezel setting looks stunning with a rose-cut diamond at the center. Don’t go too simplistic though. Let the band be adorned with small scraps of round brilliant cut diamond all the way to the center. A tension setting again achieves a great modern look. The stone floats in the middle as the two ends of the band clip it in place.

A Solitaire Pendant
If it’s a new affair, then a pendant of diamond or other gemstones make a fine gift. You will have ample choices in this range. A small platinum-made diamond-encrusted open heart is a perfect way to express your growing love for her. If that is too predictable, then go for a platinum key, which is quite a high-street fashion these days. The keys are usually made of rhodium or platinum and set with small gemstones of one kind. Other choices include interlocking circles, heart tags, heart bars, animal charms and more. Customize your gift with your choice of gemstone if you like.

Solitaire Earrings
When it comes to earrings, diamonds make the finest of them all. A pair of round-cut diamonds, the size of teardrops inside a plain bezel casing is a wonderful sight. Prong setting enhances the beauty of the twin stones further. If you are looking for something a little less extravagant, go for sterling silver earrings set with your choice of gemstones. Color blue does the magic against the silvery trapping.

A diamond solitaire is fitting to all occasions. So, whatever you pick, know that it will lighten up an instant smile.

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