Why GIA Certified Diamonds Alone Make the Best Choices in Diamonds

The name GIA is mentioned almost every time someone says something about a diamond. So, how exactly are these two so integrally related? Why can’t one exist without the other, not even in words? If you looked in the right place, you will find tons of articles ranting about why you should only and only buy GIA certified diamonds. Well, that’s not only empty words filling a page of a website. GIA certification is of inexplicable importance when it comes to purchasing diamonds. GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America, the most trusted diamond grading organization in the world at this point.
GIA certifies diamonds on four scales, abbreviated as the 4 Cs- color, cut, clarity and carat. GIA is the entity that makes sure that the diamonds you buy are all currently graded. That brings us to the question, what about current grading. It’s not that diamonds have a shelf life as such. Yes, true that diamonds don’t have shelf lives, but you still want to spend your hard-earned money on a recently graded stone than one that had been certified many years back.

The problem with buying stones from any organization other than GIA is that the grading is sure to differ and disagree with the ratings of other laboratories. For your information, GIA is not the only company that grades diamonds. There are plenty other groups that evaluate and inspect diamonds, but none of them has validity around the world. Besides, there is no other conglomerate up and running that can dispute the grading of GIA. So, that is understandably why GIA ratings and certification are so unanimously trusted.

There are hundreds of sellers in the market with different sources for their merchandise. It is not possible for a person who has no expertise in the subject of gems to be able to tell the difference. So, how does a common buyer know for sure that he or she is investing in the right product? That is where GIA comes into play. The stones under the GIA certification umbrella are all examined and validated. The company produces a certificate for every stone it inspects. Take a swift go through the leaf and you will know everything about the 4Cs of the stone concerned and more.

Moreover, GIA only grades diamonds that are of a standard quality. So anything with a GIA certificate is likely to make a fine purchase as long your contact is a trusted dealer.

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