How to Get the Best Diamond Ring for Your Money

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding diamond prices. The pricing secrets of the industry only chips in to perpetuating the many myths that swirl around the subject. But in reality, it is not really that convoluted. Sure the industry has an ironclad set of pricing policies which it follows, but does not fully let the buyers in on, but that hardly means that diamond prices have to forever be a mystery for the ground level consumers. In this article, a few key points connected to diamond prices have been explained fully which may help you gain some clarity on the subject and fill you in how to get the best diamond ring at your investment.

How to Get the Best Diamond Ring for Your Money

By quality, we mean the 4 Cs for now. The 4 Cs or the cut, color, clarity and carat of a diamond collectively determine the worth of a diamond. The price soars higher when the stone is clearer and colorless. There is no complex pricing formula involved in this. You go higher up the color, clarity and cut grade, the prices mount. Similarly, stones at the lower end are relatively cheaper. But, there is a slim room for the buyers to save money on the color and clarity by making some adjustments in their selection. An average buyer can save a lot of money by picking diamonds from the middle range where stones are both eye-clean and colorless to the untrained eyes. Color H and clarity VS2 are the sweet spot to choose your diamonds from.

The prices vary widely between sellers, and that makes research imperative for the buyers. If you compared the price between stores, you will be amazed to learn the broad margin of difference that exists between their prices. The markup of a seller has the ultimate impact on the prices of diamonds. Remember that you can buy a diamond from a trusted seller for a much smaller price if you choose not to go with a branded retailer.

Certification too reflects on the price. Diamonds that are examined and certified by world renowned labs like GIA and AGS are more expensive than those that have come through lesser labs. The top labs have the highest standards of grading which means all diamonds certified by them are above the mark of average anyway.

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