Gemstones That Make Fine Additions to Jewelry

Jewelry, gold, silver or platinum, are incomplete without a touch of color. Some people like their jewelry adorned with gemstones, while others like them enameled. If you are a gemstone person, then you have reasons to be happy. There are plenty of options in this range that you can pick from to make your jewelry look pretty spectacular. In an age of custom designing, why go for a showroom artefact on display when the possibilities are endless in the customization section? So, if you have the choice to retrofit your jewelry with gemstones, then here are the top choices for you.

Diamonds: Diamonds make everything around it shine. So, hands down, this is the top choice on our list. Achromatic diamonds can give any jewelry a facelift and a makeover without much care for the filigree and accent. On a downside, diamonds are pretty expensive, particularly if you are eyeing those high up on the scale. So, here is what you can do. Use one diamond to set at the center. Make sure it’s a sizeable piece, if you can afford it. Alternately, go for cluster diamonds. They may be small, but they conjure an unreal shimmer which looks lovely.

Emeralds: If you want some greens in your jewelry, then emeralds is what you need. These stones are hardly as cost-high as diamonds, but a nice-cut, Columbian stone can lighten your purse pretty quick. Emeralds range in color from light green to dark. The darker shades have a mystery element to them while the lucid colored ones have a shine and a sparkle.

Rubies: If red is your color, then think no further than rubies. Some people prefer garnet over rubies, but these stones make value investments as compared to garnets. Rubies are definitely expensive, but are conservatively so, in comparison to diamonds. The color wheel of ruby is pretty large with shades starting from translucent pink to pigeon blood red.

Opal: If you have a taste for iridescence in gemstones, then opals make the finest pick, after pearl. Original pearls are prohibitively expensive and effortless out of reach of most. Opals are not exactly a substitute for pearl, but are definitely pretty on their own rights.

Aquamarine: I’ve added aquamarine to this list, partly because I’m so hopeless in love with the gentle blue of this stone. With silver, they make the best pair.

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