Gems That Are Made for One Another

There are mineral crystals in nature like pearl that are perfect as solo, and then there are others that are made to complete one another. Although the combinations did not come to us right away, but over a long course of mixing and matching, it somehow stands clear to us at this point that there are some gems that work with one another like no other. If customizing a ring is what you have in mind, then here is a little help choosing the right gems to go with one another.


White Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

Of all the gems that go great together, diamonds and sapphires is the first. Colorless diamonds with dark blue sapphires is a match that just can’t go wrong in any piece of ornament. Diamonds and sapphires work both ways in a halo style. Let the center stone be a diamond or a blue sapphire and surround it with a halo of the other gem to create a stunning floating halo ring. Even in accent stone rings, a blue sapphire and a white diamond look great side by side.


Rubies and Diamonds

If there is a second best partner for white diamonds, then it has to be rubies. The darker the ruby, the better a match it will make to a white diamond. The fiery glow and translucence of a diamond flatter the rich opacity of rubies. The contrast of colors and reflectivity is another reason why these stones complement each other so well. When placed in close proximity, the red of a ruby lends a mild pink shade to the diamonds making it look even prettier.


Aquamarines and Blue Sapphires

Nothing looks more magical than two shades of the blue together. Aquamarine, the color of the sea and blue sapphire, the color of the night sky are just the perfect partner for jewelry. The two look incredible side by the side. The translucence of aquamarines lends the sapphires the shine while the darkness of the color from sapphires highlights the sparkle of aquamarines even more. A blue sapphire ring with aquamarine accents makes quite an eyeful.


White and Black Diamonds

There is barely anything that can parallel the pristineness of black and white. As far as contrast goes, these two are as extreme as extreme goes. So, you may want to think of black and white diamonds as two kinds of diamonds that look great together.

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