Gems That Are Hot This Season

The season of colors is finally here. Late, but spring has set in with the promises of a warm and eventful summer. In the jewelry world, things have already started to get busy in preparation for summer fashion. Collections are getting readied so that when the breeze is finally warm, the ladies have the right kind of collection to greet the season. So, before April rolls into May, here are some things you need to know about gemstones this year. Gemstone is high in fashion in jewelry this year, like the last year and the year before that. But, those on top last year are already replaced by new ones. So, if you are thinking of buying some gemstone jewelry and wondering what’s hot this year, here is a quick look.


Ultra Violet

The Pantone Color Institute announced early this year that ultra violet is going to be the color of the year. So, in keeping with that, violet has rose to a place of prominence in the fashion world. In jewelry, the color is on top of the gemstone trends. Wondering which natural gemstones have the most fitting shade of violet? Amethysts occur in some of the most beautiful natural shades of violet. Amethysts vary in color from a deep, rich violet to a reddish-purple. So, amethyst could be your pick if you can spare a little extra. Other affordable semi-precious options are grape garnet, tanzanite and purple sapphire.



Another category of gemstones that are going to appear widely in jewelry this year is natural colored stones. What do you understand by that? Typically any gemstone with a natural color? Well, the category has been beefed up to accommodate a whole lot of gems under its hood. So, any gem that has the color of earth, water or flora is going to be hot this year. Aquamarine and tourmaline for ocean blue, topaz and citrine for earth tone, are a few worth mentioning in this category.



Diamonds are not altogether out of scene. In fact, it has only stepped a few steps to the side to give other gems a chance. However, diamond lovers don’t be disheartened because diamonds are still in trend and going to be so for many years to come. Colored diamonds however may rise a few places upper in summer, but the achromatic variant will rule the autumn and winter of 2018.

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