Garden Jewels: The Newest Addition to the Range

Themed jewels have long joined the train of trends in the world market. Garden theme is the newest addition to the list that has the most of designers’ focus these days. The biggest jewelry stores in the country have contributed heavily to this particular section that has given the imagination of the designers a new direction. While nature has, as always, continued to be a living breathing source of inspiration for most artists, it is time for a siloed approach.
A closer look has dissembled the bigger picture into gestalt elements that have been sucked up into conceptualizing themes for jewelry of all kinds. Discussed here are some examples of garden themed ornaments.

Dragonfly Brooches: These decorative pins came into popularity by their rights of overwhelming visuals. The brooches neatly imitate the living equivalent of a dragonfly. Enameled wings, big oval gemstone eyes and a tail rigged with a string of micro-diamonds together make for a wonderful and very unconventional brooch. Bug brooches have long been in fashion, but a dragonfly, as jewelers’ claim is a relatively new shift of focus.

Lotus Earrings: Flowers have often served as a potential seed of idea for earring designs, but a lotus has not really been seen to make much appearances in ear studs. Recently, lotus earrings are often sighted in galleries. Marketed as the newest entrant in the garden collection, these rings are just spectacular as the real flowers. While some use a pearl at the center, others take advantage of the free space to place a cluster of diamonds. Flowers are curved in upward projection as well as laid outwardly in a downy fashion, depending on the nature of the design.

Seed Necklaces: Seeds like star anise and almonds, hazelnuts, and such have shapes that are often used in fashion jewelry. Recently, a neck piece came into discussion that got everybody talking about the newness of the piece and observing the line of inventiveness modern jewelers are harping on. This one uses gold star anise, diamond almonds and ruby hazelnuts with pearls in interjections to weave a spectacular piece of necklace that left the customers in awe. The sheer use of colors has taken the aesthetics to a new height.

Floral Bangles: Patterns in bangles are common, as are filigrees. But, only once in a while a jeweler dares to transcend the set boundaries and tread over to the other side in search of something new and unique. These ones are a product of one such venture. Gold flowers set with aquamarine stones placed within a rim is one such specimen. There are many other designs that use flowers as the chief element in bangles. Enamels used to fill colors in the flower petals play up the beauty of the bracelets.
Tiaras and rings also come in garden themes. Though they are not already as common as other themes, but the collections are gradually expanding. More designs are likely to land the shelves soon. Keep a vigilant watch on the new arrivals section to grab something rare.

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