Four Places You Never Thought A Man Could Propose In

Your proposal story will be written in golden letters and passed through generations from the time you share the story with your extended family and friends. It is one thing that one should just not go easy on. The place you propose makes a huge impact on the event of it. So, think through a place that might be deemed fitting to the purpose. Most people like to go private, like at dinner tables or on romantic getaways. While they are all rosy and romantic, they are also some of the most overused ideas.
If you want your story to be different from the other couples on the table, step out of the box.

On a Busy Street: Yes, that’s right. Popping the question on a street swarming with passersby might need some liquid courage, but after all it’s doable. Let the crowd part to make room for the lovers to have a moment. Don’t worry about causing inconvenience to the crowd, for it’s a cause common to the humanity. So, anybody in their sane minds would understand. They might even add a nod of encouragement on the go. So, you don’t need to find a cul-de-sac to bring the proposal outside. A disclaimer that is equally important to note here is that this idea is only for men who are absolutely certain of the “yes” their lady would deliver to the question.

In Bed: You might not love your morning look what with a mat of bed hair and sleepy eyes, but to your partner that’s the cutest you can look in a duration of 24 hours. So, take advantage of that adoration to bring the question up as soon as she opens her drowsy eyes in the morning. There isn’t a place more comfortable than that when you ask her for her hand.

At Work: This can be quite a show, but go ahead with it if your lady is not allergic to public display of affection. Turn up at her workplace, call her outside in the lobby and go down on your knees before you flip open the ring box and say the two magic words – “Be mine”. Get someone to record the moment as the bystanders are moved to tears.

In a Pool: If you and your partner are water babies then ask her the question while relaxing in the pool. Let the water bring out the romance of the moment. It’s best after sundown, if you can arrange for some candles to light up the setting.
Take your time to think, plan it out and finally bring it on, not with fumbly hands or a quivering voice, but with the strength and endurance that love espouses.

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