Five Engagement Ring Trends to Look Out for

With the plan to propose come the dilemma – how do you find the perfect engagement ring for her? Some just take a look at a particular piece and know it’s the one. But most often, men are clueless about which one to choose. Moreover, the range of choices available adds to the confusion and makes it one of the most difficult decisions.

Let’s take a look at the trends that are hot this season to help you find the right ring.


Feminine touch


Beautiful bows, floral motifs, entwined vines – the engagement rings of today personify elegance. Nothing spells out romance better than the little hints of femininity that these design elements add to the piece. Be it a lovely flower with a diamond center or sophisticated bows, the ring design reflects the girly charm of your sweetheart.


Fancy cuts


Choices such as brilliant round, heart or princess are still popular. But fashionistas of today prefer something unique. Therefore, options such as marquise, emerald, and cushion cuts are more in trend. The focus is on how to bring about the brilliance of the diamond and create a designer engagement ring.


Antique appeal


Vintage-inspired designs are gaining popularity each passing day. A classic Victorian or a chic art deco ring is an ideal choice, as it combines timeless grace and ethereal beauty. Apart from being something completely out of the ordinary, it will also have the charm of an heirloom.


Colored stones


Clear white dazzling diamond rings are great for engagement; however, they aren’t the only options available. Pink diamond engagement rings have been all the rage, thanks to the celebrities who sported them. You can also opt for diamonds in any shade of the rainbow as center stones and surround them with white ones.


Mixed metals


Yellow gold prongs to set a yellow diamond on a white gold ring or a rose gold halo around a white diamond on a white gold ring would look amazing. And that is why such mix-n-match rings are topping the favorite list. When in doubt about which metal to choose, you can easily opt for this solution.


A clear idea about the engagement ring trends of the season may help you understand how to pick the right one for your special someone. If you are still confused, opt for the classic choice – the simple solitaire. If that seems too simple, it is best to get a good idea about what she wants before you make the purchase.

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