Fine and Flimsy Is the Style of the Season

If the rising cost of gold is keeping you panicked, then here is some good news. The trend that’s shaping this year in jewelry is fine and flimsy. No need to invest on heavy and clunky jewelry. You can save some money and be in style just at the lightest investments possible. Designers this year are actively promoting minimalism in their designs with fine chains, sleek bands and sleek earrings. The light built of the jewelry somehow saves the buyers a good deal of extra expense. The takeaway from this is that fashion can come cheap too.

Wireworks in Rings: Rings that are in this year are not stackable, nor accented diamond pieces. Instead, what is likely to rule this year is an array of very fine and light rings. They can be worn alone without stacking with other rings. The ring designs this year are marked by features like wireworks, small diamonds, single gems and such. They are a lot slimmer than the solitaire we have seen in the last few years. The bands seen in the new rings are single wires, or strands at best. Rings designed like stackable barely have any minutiae on them. Stones set between three wires are new rings that are getting the ladies fall head over heels.

Fine Chains in Necklaces: The trend is no different in the everyday necklace section. The modern woman faces many challenges. She wears many hats and that is every reason why she should come out of her traditionalist mold and step into an era of free choice. These neckpieces are a symbol of the liberty that modern women find themselves enjoying. The jewelry is light and compact. Really small gemstone pendants characterize the neckpieces of this year.

Minimalism in Earrings: Of them all, the earrings have still managed to retain some of the embellishments of the yesteryears. However, that is manifested more in forms of linear lines and sharp edges. Use of gems is still an integral part of the designs, but at the very minimal level. Use of white gold and platinum is also dominant this year.

However, that is not to say what you save in karats is spent in quality. Yellow gold ornaments are on the rise this year too. So, take your pick as you like.

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