Find Your Personal Ring Style

If you are a bit puzzled about what your ring style really is, you turn to your friends, siblings and mother to help you out. By the logic, when in doubt, always ask, this is quite a good approach, but not necessarily the correct one. What instead solves the confusion with better success is asking yourself. I dare say, that in some ways, finding what your ring style is a path that leads to knowing yourself a little better. So, embark on this little journey while discovering yourself more on the way. However, a little help goes a long way. So, here is what we suggest you do to learn what your ring style is.

Ask Questions
Asking questions is a good place to start, but not to others, but to yourself. Ask yourself what gravitates you towards a ring? What kind of design attracts you? What’s your personal favorite stone? Is there any particular style that you like better than others? What’s your definition of beautiful? What’s your idea of practical? Would you rather buy a ring with a practical design or compromise on the practicality to find something delicately beautiful? What kind of a lifestyle do you have? Ask these questions and a lot of answers will surface from there.

Find Your Personal Ring Style

The Choices
If you find yourself stumbling finding answers to the above question, skip it for now and move to exploring the styles. By being hands-on, you will be able to see for yourself what attracts you more than others. Let’s examine the choices.
In rings, first up is the classic style, which is arguably simple, but chic. To start, classic styled rings are undeniably beautiful, they are timeless and needless to say very sturdy. So, if these three qualities appeal to you in a ring, then your style is classic.
If you are a trend person who has a hawk eye for everything that’s going on in fashion, then look in the trendy section. Although the styles here keep refreshing every now and then, you will mostly find designs that bring classic and modern together to create something downright fancy, and attractive.

Find Your Personal Ring Style

Big and bold is the section for anybody who has eye for glamorous designs. These pieces, they don’t hide behind flashy apparels and distracting environments. They shine out as if they are the only thing.

Lastly, your style is vintage if you like elegant and antique designs.

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