Filigree Rings That Will Blow Your Mind (5 top filigree designs)


It’s the era of minimalism and reductivism in the jewelry industry. Over the years, the global market has undergone a transition in their tastes. Buyers no longer have the hankering for loud and finery styles, men and women alike. People of this age love finesse, they love flawlessness and they love filigree. As the customers demand, so the manufacturers deliver. At this time, jewelry galleries are chock full with filigree diamond pieces starting from rings to neckpieces to bodychains and what not. These pieces have come a long way to undo the popular notion that the use of diamonds and other precious gemstones alone suffice to maximize the beauty of a ring. If you subscribe to that idea too, then wait until you read about these 4 shelf-topping filigree pieces.

The Drape-and-Knot Style Round-Cut Diamond Ring
While the magic of this piece is brought out by the 1 carat VS2 clarity diamond that shines from the center, its elaborate band pulls off the show. The ring does not have a linear built. Instead, it tapers intermittently where a diamond each in bezel setting meets the eyes. The in between spaces are fitted with cluster diamonds, colorless and of same clarity. Serrated detailing on the edges and around the bezel brackets add to the originality of the design.

Round-Cut Solitaire-Style Ring with Embellished Sides
Don’t be fooled by the name, for it’s a misnomer to the wonderful filigree work the ring is endowed with. The piece uses the same 1 carat round-cut center stone but with magnificent detailing that ameliorates the sides to the middle. Though half of the band is left bare, it is only done strategically for the stone work on the other half to pronounce itself to the fullest. There is barely a touch left undetailed in the upper segment.

Round-Cut Bridal Ring with Filigree Accents
This one is a true show of the finest kind of filigree to be found in jewelry. Though simple in its make and designs, this piece is rare because of the stone-studded swirls and curls. The vine-like designs meet at a point where from the center stone emerges giving it a perfect floral appeal.

Vintage-Style Floral Bloom Ring
This one is perhaps the richest in terms of aesthetic significance. If you have a thing for old and rare, then you can’t simply snub this one. The band of this piece splits up at the center making room for a 1 carat round cut diamond in between. The sparkler sandwiched between the two ends is secured in a prong setting. However, the filigree work in the channels on the two sides make an admirable spectacle. Leaf works dominate the design with stones of different sizes filling up the crevices.

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