Festive Jewelry That Can Make Fine Everyday Accessories

We all have a collection bought and built specially for the fancy evenings and prestige events where fashion and presentation are paramount. Most people have some of the finest and priciest jewelry set aside for such occasion where you want everything in your attire to be perfect. But did you know that some of these jewelry can also make fine accessories for everyday style? So whether it’s a festival season or another day at work, you can now dig into your statement collection to pick something out that will lighten up your whole outfit. Here are some examples.

Fringe Chandeliers
Fringe jewelry is a trend right now and is just the kind of thing that will not quit any time soon. They are drape-y, long, elegant and of course, classic. As classic as they are, you cannot miss the boho edge to these earrings. Without using any gemstones, fringes catch the sunlight like no other jewelry. Although fringes were first seen on chandelier earrings, they are now available in other items as well. They look great with gowns, and just the same with formal wear.

Tassel Pendants
Following the fringe design, what came to us next is tassel pendants. Available in all metals, these pendants feature long tassels wriggled to form fringe-like shapes. They are hard to miss, but are not showy, which makes them just the right accessory for any kind of outfit. They are designed to go with party wear, but are elegant enough to work with other everyday styles.

Back-To-Nature Jewelry
If you have any back-to-nature themed jewelry in your statement jewelry box, then fish them out and transfer them to your everyday accessories stock. These jewelry pieces are lovely accessories to outfits of all kinds. Organic symbols which are the chief motifs of these pieces are not only a nod to Mother Nature, but also have an unmistakable earthy impact that can’t go wrong with any kind of outfit.

Bold Rings
If you have any bold rings lying about in your statement jewelry chest, then transfer it to your everyday accessory box. Oversize rings are in fashion now, particularly with casuals.


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