Features to go by When Purchasing a Princess Cut Diamond for a Frugal Budget

Round and princess are the two highly sought-after, and thereby, most expensive brilliant cuts in diamonds. There is no way one can manage to buy one at the price of a lesser cut. That is true until you have a little few tricks up your sleeve.
Yes, princess cut diamonds can also be purchased for a shoe string budget, but there is a procedure involved. You will have complete control over the pricing only if you can make some adjustments with the parameters. There is a magic combination that can bring down the price of even a princess cut diamond to a pretty reasonable level. Learn how.

Features to go by When Purchasing a Princess Cut Diamond for a Frugal Budget

The following features together combine to make a good quality stone.

SI2 Clarity
SI in diamond clarity stands for slightly included. You cannot reach for the flawless without burning a wide gaping hole in your pocket. Moreover, it makes no sense to hurt your finances when you can have a fairly good quality stone for less than half the price, if you select from the Slightly Included category.   Slightly Included stones have very mild inclusions that are barely visible to naked eyes. Even if the inner lines and spots show, you will need to examine the stone under bright light, possibly with a magnifier to be able to figure them out. So, the second level of Slightly included is a good range to pick from, as far as quality goes.

Colors between I and J
Stones from swatches I and J may have a slight color, but that only makes the transparent diamonds interesting. The colors in this range vary between very mild shades of yellow, nothing you’d mind having.

A Good Princess Cut
Do not compromise in this section. Pick from a well-cut princess style stone because this does not mount the price up too far.

Depth Percent between 56 and 84
Select the depth of the stone between 56 and 84% for that’s the low-price and fair quality range.

Table between 53 and 85
Same for table, but please be informed that this does not make for a low grade diamond.

Light to Fair Blue Fluorescence
The fluorescence of the stone should be somewhere between light blue to medium blue which is again not strikingly visible, unless of course looked under UV light.

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