Features That Are New in Engagement and Wedding Rings This Year

Every year, designers introduce something new in older designs which collectively over time causes a design to transform beyond recognition. This year too, jewelry brands have brought in a galore of changes to the existing trends. These little features not only make the designs much more interesting, but also give the rings a new character. They weigh in to give designs an element of difference and distinction. Let’s take a look at what new features you will see in the wedding and engagement ring collection at stores this year.


Open Bands

Open bands are typically what a modern bride would like. Distinctly diverted from the traditional styles, these bands are open at the front. If you like the sound of it already, you shall be thrilled to know that these bands, like other engagement rings, too carry diamonds. In fact, these rings carry two diamonds, one on each end of the band leaving a small opening in the center. This style is very contemporary and quite detached from all traditional and untraditional band styles we have seen before.


Mix of Cuts
Another feature that is gaining ground in engagement rings is assorted cuts. There are some rings that feature an extraordinary multitude of cuts, all in one. There are some infinity bands that are sighted to carry a combination of mix-cut gems. Then there are others that carry a cluster of three stones of different cuts and sizes producing a wonderful silhouette.


Floral Halo

We have seen round, oval, pear and even square halos last year. This year, jewelers are taking things a notch higher with floral halos. Most set around a round-cut diamond, these halos not only serve to give the stone a bigger appearance, but also aggrandizes the design with something very ornate. Anybody looking for an engagement ring that catches eyes instantly, here is what you need to take a look at.


Accented Galleries
The cathedral setting paved the way for elevated settings in solitaires. However, accented galleries are step ahead from that. This new design features stone settings accented with similar or multi-colored gems. Gorgeous at a glance, this design gives even the simplest rings a very bold and catchy look. Accented galleries are so far seen only in rings that are up in the price catalogue. So, don’t be surprised if you like something that is well beyond your budget.

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