Some Fascinating Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are great to sport, but are also pretty interesting to read about, particularly when there are a gamut of facts that you didn’t know about these pretty stones before. Some of them may prick at the romantic bubble that encases diamonds, but are still quite fun to read through. So, here are some interesting information that we scraped from the Internet and outside about this April birthstone.


Fascinating facts about diamonds

1.33 Pounds Is the Size of the Largest Diamond Ever Mined
The largest diamond ever to occur on this plant was a massive 1.33 pounds, which when converted to carats is 3, 106. Where was it found? That’s not hard to guess. In the land of diamonds, South Africa, not so long ago, during the reign of King Edward of England, this colossal sparkler was found in a mine. It was cracked into 9 large parts, one of which went to grace the crown jewels of Great Britain.


Diamonds Are Not as Rare As You Have Been Led to Believe
Diamonds are rare, yes, but not as much as you’d like to think. In fact, there is a Diamonds State Park in Arizona, US that is open to all for exploration. Cradled in a giant crater, the park has been the occurring site of small and medium sized diamonds. Finders are allowed to keep the stones. So, even if you can’t travel to Arizona, do not miss the turf of your backyard. You may stumble across one right outside your house.



Colorless Diamonds are Not the Only Variety of Diamonds
Diamonds occur in a lot of colors and so the transparent ones are not the only variety. They come in colors pink, black, blue, green and more.


Diamonds Up in the Sky
Yes, turns out that the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star wasn’t just a children’s poem. Scientists and cosmonauts have spotted a star in our Milky Way many light years away from our planet that is out and out a mammoth diamond floating in the sky. The star is formed form crystallized carbon and appears in the Centaurus constellation.


Diamond Is Not the Hardest Material on Earth, at Least, Not Any More
Its high time scientists took to updating that information aggressively. Diamond is no longer the hardest material on the planet. There are 3 other substances that have gone on to claim the place of diamond in the list of hardest substance over the past few years. They are Ultrahard Fullerite, Rhenium Diboride and Diamond Nanorods.

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