Fancy Engagement Rings: Some Rare Ones


When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, people prefer delicate more than fancy. Though almost all rings fit the tag of fancy, there are some that maintain a line of difference and if it is within your comfort zone, you may dare pick one and present the lady you love something that is as rare as a pearl. Well, different does not mean you have to part from diamonds and think differently. Jewelers are now curving new and very unique designs of rings using the same precious metals and gemstones. If you are looking for something fancy enough to be one of her most prized possessions, here are some options to glance over.

Handmade Celtic Rings
Yes, they are not heard of or seen as often as classic princess cut diamond solitaire rings, but that is precisely what makes them so elusive. These rings are all hand-made and that mirrors in their designs and finish, speaking of which, the designing owes heavily to the Celts. The rings are available in a delightfully expansive range of designs. While some are curved in shining yellow gold, others use beaten white and yellow gold in their contours. Celtic shapes govern the face of the rings in this section.

If you feel more contemporary designs are flattering to her personality, then you have some very unique options there. You can comfortably ditch the regular, overly advertised rings in favor of these remarkable ones. The contemporary section is actually a treasure trove that stores in it rings that are out and out exclusive. The bands that intersperse sandblast finish and high gloss polish make the finest of pieces. There are some very interesting brick setting designs out in the market that might interest you. They use block emboss in strips. The finishing is what makes all the difference in tones and textures.

This range is a little heavy on the designs, but are all rare in their own rights. Hand engraved, each of the designs is new. Floral designs are more common in the hand engraved section. There is another range which predominantly uses the milled design. Nature-inspired designs like waves, flowers, etc., dominate the hand engravings, while in the milled design range, you will find things simplistic and less ornate. A randomness presides over the higher designs, but symmetry and balance are key in all of them. The milled designs use a lot of straight lines while the hand engraved rings eulogize the glory of curves.

The options available in all the mentioned sections are ample to get you spoilt for a choice. There is barely any piece that is less appealing than the other. The fancy range however is a tad more expensive than the rest.

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