Fancy Diamonds

If you are looking for something to surprise your loved one, there is no better way than with diamonds. Many people today understand the value of the jewel, both as an investment and as a symbol of the heart. There are several ways to find the best diamond stones for you and your beloved.

There are a number of diamond colors available, requiring a keen eye to find the one to match your needs. Most can be divided into normal or fancy hues. The former are colloquially known as colorless, though they may have a brown or yellow tint. Careful comparison against master stones determines a diamond’s color, which is then given a grade of D to Z. For every ten thousand normal diamonds mined, one fancy diamond is unearthed. Most are in shades of yellow or brown, but other colors such as blue, pink or green are also available.

If you wish to purchase fancy cut diamonds, you will need to learn to distinguish the shapes so as not to confuse one cut for another. Cushion cut diamonds usually have a shape between an oval and a square, but has different brilliance from the latter two. Princess and Asscher cut diamonds are both square, though the princess scatters its light while the Asscher cut favors clarity and sharp lines.

If you are not sure of what you are looking for, or if you have an idea but would like a second opinion, ask an experienced gemologist for assistance. You will get the correct information necessary to purchase special stones for your loved one.

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