Fancy Colored Diamonds: Leading the Market Range


Fancy color diamonds made a sudden entry into the market. Preceding that, colorless diamonds have been reigning the global market with fascinating pieces of jewelry that almost made a lifelong association with compliments as sophisticated, delicate, rich and what not. However, the undeclared introduction of the colored variety of this stone naturally garnered a lot of attention. Not only did people come to learn about the many colors in which the stone occurs in nature, but were also overwhelmed by their aesthetic possibilities. Lovingly accepted by the mass, the stones soon found inclusions in jewelry pieces of all kinds, and that didn’t leave solitaires out.

The Asian Intervention
Enough stones have been turned to find out the causation of this unforeseen explosion of colored diamonds. In the end, it was revealed that the rise to popularity of these stones was piqued by the Asian investors. Bless them! Between 2004 and 2016, the diamond index maintained by the Fancy Color Research Foundation reflects a 154.7% appreciation in colored diamonds. Around this time, the colors most actively promoted are blue, pink and yellow. By comparison, colorless diamonds were scaled at a 62.4% appreciation. Quite interestingly, China and Hong Kong are the world’s leading sellers of these stones channeling them to the industry in massive volumes. The pink diamond, in particular, happened to enjoy a massive demand in the Asian side of the market.

An Ode to the Differences
Colorless diamonds are gorgeous alright, but the colored ones are better for some jewelry. While colorless diamonds had monopolized the market for many years, these stones bring in a good chance at variety. The colors of these stones appear a lot vibrant because of the cuts, which is precisely why they are loved by women. The stones have much more inclusions than colorless ones. They have a lot more florescence which makes them interesting. They are hardly as flawless as the white variety, but it is their inclusions that make them so charming.

Pricing Architecture
There has been a bit of debate surrounding the pricing structure of these stones. Appraisers are not fully collected in their pricing stratagem. Though that has been scrutinized and discussed, the experts have only gotten as far as identifying multiple yardsticks. Recently, a gemological organization has come up with the pricing-by-layers system. It is quite a unique approach to the pricing of the stones. However, for now, they wear far less threatening price tags than their colorless equivalents. That is partly because of the inclusions, which, by principle, make them lesser in terms of quality. A diamond is examined for its clarity and color, and the more clarity it has and the lesser the color, the higher it is priced. So, from that perspective, colored diamonds make easier purchases.

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