Extraordinary Brooches from the Contemporary Section

Brooches returned to their place of former glory early last year. These decorative clips started to make appearances in the winter of 2016 when celebrities lead the way by making statements with some awe-inspiring vintage pieces. Soon the rest of the world followed as designers came up with ornate and gorgeous brooches designed on contemporary themes. Of all the motifs that came to notice, there are two themes that managed to secure a more permanent place in this section. This article throws some light on those two ranges.

Extraordinary Brooches from the Contemporary SectionMarine Range: The marine collection is a rather extensive one and although the market already had quite a few pieces inspired by exotic marine creatures, this fresh launch is quite diverse and interesting. Brooches from the marine range are made in imitation of exquisite creatures like starfish, jelly fish, ocean reeds, seahorses, turtles and the likes.

Sprinkled with vibrant gems, each of these pieces are fashioned artistically to suit the tastes of a wide range of buyers. The most attractive feature of these pieces are their delicate designs and novel concepts. The fresh pieces are strikingly different from the vintage brooches designed on the same theme. The very look and feel of the brooches are a flat departure from all others seen in the stores before 2016.

Celestial Collection: A celestial piece is a great addition to any collection. The planetary pieces feature a magical work of white and gold with black borderlines. Generous use of diamonds gives these brooches a great spin and a sparkling quality. The glitter of the stones does justice to the name of the range making the pieces shine brighter than the stars in the sky. Stars and planets are the most common pieces to appear in this collection.

A much simpler, but equally chic theme is the lunar theme. Made from gold and topped with crystals, the piece from this range give any outfit a perfect celestial spin. Sparkly and crescent like the moon itself, these pins are made in imitation of the different lunar phases. These pieces make the perfect accessory to put on the knot of your scarf or just on the side of your blouse. Rose gold frames and sparkly crystals find manifestation against dark colored backdrops. Pin them on the shoulder of your dress or on your scarf and they will make heads turn.

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