Extra-Large Studs in Fashion This Year

Last time I checked, diamond ear studs were high fashion. Much has changed since. Not as much as to get these pretty ornaments out of the fashion circuit, not as yet, but there has been much improvement on that front. Diamond studs are still “trèsen vogue”, only that the ones pleasing the eyes have gotten bigger and brighter. Now, when we say diamond studs, we specifically mean solitaires, the ones that cost a fortune, but are assets for life. Since the new fashion season rolled out at the start of this year, these studs have been often sighted, and now with celebrities like Kirsten Dunst openly endorsing them at the Oscars, the upcoming trend is pretty much clear. So, what about these studs that have gotten the spotlights shining right down at them?

Radiant cut solitaire diamondsBrilliance That Catches the Eye
The extra-large studs use diamonds the size of rocks (not literally) and that warranties one thing among others, matchless brilliance, and that’s irrespective of the cut you choose. Understandably, you can get the most out of these stones if you pick a brilliant-cut stone, but all the same, these stones have the fire that comes from both the carat and the cut. A footnote that you may have already summed from the description, they cost a lot, and quite literally so. If you can save long enough to amass enough money, then spending it on a pair of these is a worthwhile idea.

When Talking Diamonds, the Bigger, the Better
Diamonds are investments, yes, but they are assets too. Most good-grade diamonds retain their prices through years. With the right kind of certification, you can resell a diamond for the same price you brought it, or possibly more. This is not to say that there is absolutely no depreciation, but it’s minimal, and almost incomprehensible, even to loupes and scales. So, you can’t possibly have anything against diamonds a carat or two larger than your usual buys.

Solitaries are a Madness that’s Here to Stay
If you thought that the drive for solitaires have been losing its momentum and that people are increasingly enthused by affordable options like cluster diamond ornaments, then you stand corrected. Yes, solitaires are still very much in fad, but only for those who have the taste for them and of course, deep pockets. Yes, the shift towards cluster diamond jewelry is a reality, but that has not diminished the love for solitaires.

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