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An engagement ring is as exclusive and eternal as your love. And when it comes to engagement rings, nothing beats the splendor of an ever-so-conventional diamond ring. This is undoubtedly one of the rarest occasions when tradition and obviousness are joyfully welcome. Nevertheless, diamond engagement rings for women come in an array of designs, shapes, and styles.

The ‘brilliant cut’ is undeniably one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring. This is a cut aimed to reveal various facets of the gemstone and achieve an extraordinary brilliance. Whether scattering of countless or one singular stone – brilliant cut diamonds add that exquisite touch of grandeur and rarity to an engagement ring!

Diamonds are versatile in their capacity to match engagement rings in a varied selection of setting styles – vintage, modern, or classic. The ‘vintage’ trend has been making recurring comeback in the world of fashion and jewelry. A vintage diamond engagement ring blends history with artistic finesse. It never ceases to impress us with its innate affinity for precision of design and refined sensibilities. The brilliant stone, delicate engraving, and handcrafted detailing along with a lasting aura of timelessness have made vintage engagement rings a perennial favorite.

The common setting styles are solitaire – showcasing a single diamond. There are different types of rings with accent or side stones, three-stone engagement rings, and matching bridal set where the engagement ring is paired with a complementing wedding band that wraps the center stone or fits against the ring. A diamond effortlessly brings out the flawlessness of an engagement ring.

There are various setting techniques for diamond rings that lend uniqueness in its appearance and presentation.
The prong setting remains indisputably the most popular setting style, specifically for solitaires, as it firmly holds the stone while generating immense reflection to create an aura of radiance. Channel and pave settings have single or multiple diamonds set between two bands without any additional prong between the stones. A bezel setting creates a metal frame circumference around the stone, often making the stone appear bigger. The cluster setting has numerous diamonds set together in a group. Tension setting holds a stone between the twin open ends of the metal mounting creating an illusion of a floating stone.

A wonderfully refined, exquisite, and glamorous engagement ring for your ladylove will keep her surrounded in a halo of sparkle and ardor – forever!

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