Exclusive Luxury Jewelry for Summer

So spring is finally upon us and with summer only days away, it’s time to shuffle up the jewelry box and pick out the sparkling summer exclusive jewelry out. With long hours of bright sunshine waiting on us, it is the best opportunity for all you fashion lovers to put forth your best pieces, and what better ensures that than a handful of sprightly vibrant jewelry. If you are short on luxury jewelry for summer, here is your chance to grab a few while the sun is still out and shining. Let’s take a look at some swoon-worthy summer jewelry that are best worn in summer.

Floral Filigree Pendant in Gold and Enamel: Here is one way to add something new to your burgeoning collection of pendants. Light is dandy, but filigree is luxuriant. Yes, from the looks of it, market is turning back towards complicated and illustrious jewelry from the past decades, and as far as we can tell, enamel work is back. Get a pretty floral pendant that has lots of colors and complications in it, but to avoid gemstones for once, let enamels do the magic. And if you are unsure about the complex design, nothing works with floral better than filigree. So, rest assured, with this pendant, you will have made the best pick of the season.

Milky Gem Ring: Gem rings are in, and have been for quite some time. Big-sized, cabochon gem rings are a fashion statement among young and above alike. However, the trend is slightly changing in favor of milky gemstones. If you have never seen a milky gemstone, it’s time to look it up. The milky element gives a gemstone a slight hazy sheen which makes it look distinctly beautiful. If you are lucky, you will find this in the likes of aquamarine, jadeite and such stones.

Exclusive Luxury Jewelry for Summer

Multi-Gem Bracelet: Why hold yourself from adding a little color to your outfit this season? One accessory that is garnering enormous attention in public is a multi-colored gem bracelet. Pair it off with your mono-toned dress and that’s all the color you need to radiate warmth and vitality. Amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, citrine, pick whatever you like to custom-weave your bracelet.

Fancy Link Bracelet: Another kind of bracelet that is getting noticed a lot as statement jewelry is the fancy link bracelet. Designed with a complex weave of gold links, this all gold bracelet may or may not use gems.

Exclusive Luxury Jewelry for Summer

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