Exceptional Wedding Bands: Moving Beyond Diamonds


Since its inception centuries ago, wedding bands have been a sign of faith and commitment to one’s spouse. Though the winds of change have transformed many traditions over the years, the concept of a wedding band has sustained its regard and popularity the whole time.

You can never ignore the significance of this small yet particularly fundamental sign of nuptial love. If you are going to be wedded to the love of your life in the near future, you definitely understand the importance of a beautiful wedding band.
The singularity of a wedding band depends on the individuality and exclusive beauty of the ring. The common choices of wedding bands include the time-honored plain and solid metal band as well as the luminous diamond studded ring. However, if your fiancée has a penchant for everything different, you can surprise her with a unique and beautiful wedding band designed with petite emeralds or sapphires. It will be a relief from the predictable and universal option of diamond wedding rings.
However, if your sweetheart is a diehard aficionado of those transparent and radiant diamonds, you can also surprise her with an emerald and diamond ring. The finest thing about this ring is that it combines the best of both worlds – the brilliance of diamonds and the exclusivity of emeralds.

On the other hand, depending on her priorities, you can customize the wedding band. With a rock-size diamond in the center of the band and smaller, cropped sapphire, ruby, or emerald gemstones encrusting the diamond – this elegant and magnificent creation will simply take her breath away. Or you can design it the other way round.

Alternative precious gemstones like sapphire and emerald wedding band have nowadays gained immense popularity due to their increasing repute among the celebrities of Hollywood. Both these gemstones have unique and strong undertones. The colors are that of strength and express the owner’s love for distinctiveness.
The price of the emerald or sapphire wedding bands vary depending on the size, cut, and opaqueness of the gem and the type of metal utilized for the rings. You can easily take your pick from these dazzlers to impress your betrothed. The sheer variety and uniqueness of these bands are incredible and enough to sweep your beloved off her feet.

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