Everything You Need to Know about Diamond Prices

More bang for the buck- so they say. But when it’s about diamonds, the aim is to get maximum bling for your buck. That brings us to the prices. Diamonds, like precious metals such as gold and platinum do not have a stationery price. Based on a rate that rises and falls every day, the prices of diamonds vary. Most buyers are affected by the notion that this inconstant rate makes the prices extremely precarious. In fact, it does not quite make the matter of price complicated. If you know which aspects to focus on, you still get the best value for your money.

Everything You Need to Know about Diamond Prices

The Carat Calculation
The place where it all begins is at the size determination. Everybody wants their diamond to be big, but how big is big is the real question. For some 2 carat is huge, while for others 5 carat is decent. But no matter what number is acceptable for you, the pricing guidelines determine the full price of the diamond. It goes without saying that the heavier the diamond is, the higher goes its price. So, the difference in price between a 0.5 carat and a 1.0 carat diamond is a big leap. That can be baffling at first, but instead of concentrating on the margin, your aim should be to figure out the best balance. Price is the best indicator of the balance in quality, beauty and value.

The Price Structure of Diamonds
The price of diamonds is calculated by multiplying the current rate per carat with the carat size of the stone. So, the price of a diamond is actually the number of carat times of value of diamonds per carat on that day. Since this rate keeps going up and dropping down, the prices vary too with it.

The diamond price chart has some exclusions and exceptions like other rate charts. As a buyer, you must be aware of them. For instance, the pricing chart does not take the cut of the seller into account. So, the price calculator can only tell you how much a diamond would cost, without the service charge, taxes and other charges involved. Most buyers find it confusing, but diamonds from the same grade may look discernibly different. The differences owe to elements like florescence, blemishes and trace elements. As for the price, retailers normally subject a discount on the asking price to keep the price moderate.

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