If Every Charm Could Tell a Story

The popularity of charms among women nearly parallels diamonds. The upside is you may or may not be able to afford a diamond until your next paycheck, but you can very well afford a charm between paychecks. Charms are remarkable jewels that are not just adorable and sentimental, but are also stories told by an artist. Every charm tells a story, not in the way every heritage jewel bears with it interesting tales of ancestry, but in the way of expression. Every charm symbolizes something. Some represents good luck while others are odes to something beautiful and memorable. If you want your charm bracelet to tell your story, pick a bunch and assemble them in your bracelet.
Here are some ideas that can help you bring together memories and stories that you like to share with the world through your collection of charms.

If Every Charm Could Tell a Story

A Bracelet for Life’s Every Milestone
Right from your first kiss to graduation, first job to wedding, promotion to anniversary, every event of success or accomplishment is a milestone. What better way to weave these stories in your jewelry and wear them around. Spoil yourself on your birthdays, but more on these events. Take a moment to reflect on these turning points and what best way you can put the stories behind through charms. You may have to be a little more creative for some events and less for others, but the abundance of charms in the market makes the drill pretty easy. An easy example of a charm bracelet that celebrates your first kiss should have lots of stars, hearts and flowers, something that effuses the romanticism of the moment.

One for the Special Occasions
Charms are beautiful, but more importantly, they are perfect for more than just one occasion. In fact, their stylistic compatibility with all occasions make them a staple in the jewelry boxes. So, whether it’s your birthday or a hen’s party, your best friend’s wedding or a friends’ get together, find yourself an excuse to buy a charm bracelet. Customize it with the right pieces and there you have the most meaningful piece of jewelry of all.

A Bunch for Motivation
Motivations are in words, but it’s also something that you carry with you every day of your life. Motivational charm bracelets are very popular among teens and why shouldn’t they be? Bunch up your inspirations, aspirations, dreams and goals in your charm bracelets and carry them with you, wherever you go.

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