Eternity Rings: The Blessed Trinity

It is quite a precarious job to pick out three from a legion of equally exquisite artefacts. It is strictly a matter of personal choice and perspective. The bests cannot possibly be pointed out for anyone for odds are they might not be in unanimous agreement. However, for the sake of guidance, here are the three which can be termed bests in the market. You may or not be on the same page, but they are undeniably recherché in all eyes. Do spare a minute to read through before you go out shopping for one of your very expensive jewelry.

White Diamond Wedding Band

Beautiful doesn’t really have to be delicate. This ring might not fit your standard definition of a wedding band. It has no rock-size sterling diamond sitting atop a cathedral setting gracing a slender platinum band, for this one is different. It is wound up in diamonds through its whole circle bringing with it 3.50 carats of the natural white stone alone. Carved in 14k white gold, this band uses round cut diamonds secured in prong settings leveled with the rim of the ring. The intricacy of the design unfolds itself to perspective viewers. The prongs assume a branch-out shape when viewed from the top or bottom.

Black Diamond Stackable Ring

This color of diamond might not be very popular in the market, but that owes to two factors, price and rarity. Black diamonds occur sparsely as compared to white ones, which logically makes them more expensive. However, if you believe in having only the best, then here is one for you. This 1 carat diamond ring is a perfect ensemble of black and silver. Its 14K white gold body beautifully enwraps the black diamond core creating an incredible sight. The row of stones reach to more than the frontal hemisphere of the ring which creates a fuller illusion. However, while the black of the stone eclipses the front, it leaves room for a perfect silver lining around the edges.

Rose Gold and Aquamarine Band

This is perhaps the rarest piece you will find in the market. If you have an eye for what’s outside the realm of ordinary, then you have just found your piece. The designer it appears has bold tastes for this one defies all the boundaries of trend and standard in its time. Curved in rose gold, this one uses seven dazzling turquoise aquamarine stones along the circle. The placement of the stones leave enough room for the beautiful coppery tinge to assert itself. The gemstones punctuated in between however add a delightful touch of spirit-lifting color. The stones are all round cut and fitted using bezel setting.

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