Eternity Rings and Their Popularity

Eternity rings came up a few years back and took the market by storm. A concept from 4000 years ago revitalized and customized to the modern context, eternity rings are loved by women across cultures. The concept of a ring is intertwined with the concept of eternity and that’s how it came to be an artifact of a union of love and lifelong commitment. In connection to that, eternity rings are a celebration of that forever love that we strive to get in our lives. However, the concept of eternity rings are more like a spin-off, than a knock-off of this same concept.

Back in History
The history of eternity rings predates the modern civilization. The Egyptians were the first to use rings to commemorate eternal life and love. Early specimens of eternity rings have been found in the archeological remains of their civilizations in part of continental Europe. Back in those days, the eternity ring was in its crude, most rudimentary form. What looked like a circle curved from metal and set with stones on the top half have been salvaged from the remains of the Egyptian civilizations from many thousand years ago. Some of their eternity rings are seen to have designs that mimic serpents devouring their own tails. This symbol was referred to as “ouroboros”, meaning something that has no start or end.

Exchange of Eternity Rings in Today’s Context
Traditionally, the exchange of eternity rings marks the consummation of a wedding. The eternity ring has come to us with its purpose unscathed. Even in the 21st century, eternity rings are mostly used as wedding rings. It is exchanged to commemorate relationship of love and commitment. Aside weddings, today, eternity rings are also gifted among couples on marriage anniversaries and other romantic occasions.

The Wild Popularity of Eternity Rings
The eternity rings that we see in the stores today are self-explanatory of their popularity. They are spectacular from all angles, and there is hardly any point of debate on the beauty of these rings. These days, eternity rings are crafted with gold and silver metals and crusted with precious gems. In the finger, it looks nothing short of a shining halo that burns incessantly. Because of its band design, the rings do not interfere with hand actions. That makes them a perfect day to day wear for women from all walks of life.

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