Should Engagement And Wedding Rings Be Worn Together?


Congratulations on getting married! Wait a minute though; you would now have to pair both your engagement ring as well as your wedding ring on your left hand. Are you contemplating wearing only one of the rings for now? There are queries and queries when it comes to the proper etiquette and pairing of the two most important rings in your life. But are there really any answers to this age old question? Let’s find out…

The engagement ring is a symbol that indicates a promise of a wedding in the near future. Tradition dictates that you should wear it on the ring finger of your left hand. This age old custom had originated in far off Egypt where it was believed that the ring finger contains veins that are directly linked to your heart. While anatomy and medical science have made significant advances from that day and age in history, yet the belief of placing your engagement ring in close contact with your heart remains strong even today. So the third finger of your left hand it is! You would also see people furtively check that finger of certain celebs in the hope of knowing whether they are engaged or not.

The day of your marriage is full of changes. The position of your engagement ring is altered too as it is customary to wear it on the right hand this time in order to make room for the more sedate wedding ring or band once the groom says, ‘I do.’ Fret not, you are allowed to move the engagement back to its original position once the ceremony is over and done with. Alternatively, tradition demands that it be placed on the finger next to the wedding band so that both the rings remain in close juxtaposition and thence have a direct connection with your heart.

There have been a lot of alterations and additions to this etiquette of wearing engagement rings though. Most women of today happen to value comfort and aesthetics over meaningless beliefs. Interestingly, this has given rise to certain variations in style of wearing the engagement ring. While some women keep wearing the engagement ring on the right hand, others take the extreme path and discard the ring altogether. Yet others create an interesting combo of both the rings by fusing the engagement and wedding rings together before wearing it on the ring finger of their left hand.

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