Engagement Rings: Channel Setting V/S Pave Setting


A diamond may be forever but your engagement ring will cease being a ring once the setting goes awry. It is certainly going to be worth your while to check your ring setting so that you are sure that it is going to last. There are numerous settings that go with engagement though but the differences and similarities between a channel setting and a pave setting often leave you perplexed.

Check out the details below before you end up buying the right diamond with the wrong setting. Good Luck!


What Is A:-
Channel Setting – A series of diamonds set in rows within a channel. This setting is enormously popular for engagement / wedding bands or for the side stones of an engagement ring.
Pave Setting – A setting where the metal remains invisible as tiny gem stones and diamonds are packed closely together.

Cuts Used For:-
Channel Setting- Cuts that look squarish or resemble a rectangle are usually used in this setting. The Princess cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut diamond engagement rings are often utilized here.
Pave Setting – It is the round shaped stones that are apt for a pave setting ring. The rounded stones succeed in covering the maximum area of a ring so that the actual metal can hardly be seen.

Reason For Having A:-
Channel Setting- All eyes are on the center piece or the main diamond of the engagement ring thanks to the setting. The diamond is highlighted with its brilliance maximized. It is the uniqueness of stone itself that gets noticed instead of the design. So, go ahead with this setting when you have a diamond that you want to flaunt.
Pave Setting – This setting makes the small stones shine brilliantly and will have a dazzling effect. While it is great for showing off the sheer number of diamonds that you are wearing, the setting also has the quality to accentuate the main central stone making it seem almost 30% bigger than its actual size.

Pros & Cons
Channel Setting- The diamonds are secured tightly within the channel keeping them securely locked in place. This setting is ideal for women who have an active lifestyle as the setting protects the diamonds from falling off. The channel also keeps the wearer protected from accidentally being scratched with the ring. The engagement ring does not get caught in clothing either. The only disadvantage of this setting is its price that can be more expensive due to the usage of larger diamonds.
Pave Setting – The design looks glamorous and the center stone appears to be bigger than it actually is. The sparkle adds to the vintage look while the price is comparatively less. However, a ring with pave setting requires to be cleaned frequently in order to keep the sparkle undiminished.

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