Engagement Rings Adorned with Colored Diamonds

Diamonds occur in a good many shades, namely, white, steel gray, blue, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, pink and purple. But, the RGB of these colors are yellow, black and blue, besides white, which is the most common of them all. The yellow diamond has the shine and radiance of the sun, while the black stone has the stillness and stealth of the night. The blue diamond, one of the rarest is beset with the mystery and depth that can be paralleled with the fathoms of the oceans alone. Jewelers like to use the three mentioned shades in carving engagement rings because of their color significance and availability.

Sparkling Yellow Diamond Rings
Yellow sapphire and diamond look very alike, and unless you have the tool, or experienced eye, you can’t tell them apart. However, assuming that you know the difference, yellow diamonds are at a glance, lustrous, and rich. The rings naturally exhibit the sparkle and pride of opulence. Colored designer engagement rings often have a combination of white and yellow diamonds, the yellow being the centerpiece and white stones threading it around. However, a round-cut bezel pave on an all-white-diamond band is equally conspicuous. Baguette yellow diamond engagement rings that ripple out light in its rectangular contour are parallel in popularity.

Duke Blue Diamond Rings
There are very few things in nature’s mineral deposit that can counter the beauty of blue diamonds. Deep and composed, these stones have a personality of their own. And when the ring crowning them sit on the finger of a person, it makes a style statement already. A platinum-made infinity engagement ring beset with numerous small blue diamonds with a twisty, twin thread band makes the best of the engagement diamond rings.

Black Diamond on Rose Gold Rings
Black diamonds do not have the refraction and reflection of a white diamond, due to the obvious, lack of clarity. Black diamond stones are not see-through. So, it is best used on a band that counters the dark color of the stone with a contrasting light shade. White gold or platinum are not the best suit because of their silvery hue. Prim rose on the contrary has worked wonders in illuminating the pieces with its coppery color. Some rings use a white diamond border around the solitary black stone for a catchy embellishment.
If your love encompasses each of these elements and their associated attributes, then pick any, or customize the engagement ring with all.

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