Popular Styles of Engagement Rings in 2017

The engagement ring section is one of the most often updated part of the display in a jewelry store. As couples all over the world make their mind to get engaged every day, they like to find something unique and fitting for the occasion. That makes it absolutely necessary to keep the shelves refreshed and ready for new interests. 2017 has brought to us a wide selection of new and exciting entries in the engagement rings collection. Here are some of the amazing styles that we’ve seen.


The Floating Halo
The floating halo style emerged from the heirloom engagement ring of the royal family of England. While Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring is slightly oval, the floating halo is a perfect circle. A round-cut stone encircled by a ring of smaller stones, this style had people falling for it at the very first sight. Emerald and sapphire with diamond halo, even light colored stones like aquamarine and citrine with diamond halos are some of these beautiful options.

The Two-Stone Ring
You may have already seen rings with split or twisted shanks. Taking things to the next level are these two stone rings. This style features a band that is cut in the middle and twisted outwardly with a stone studded on the tip of each end. The stones are almost the size of solitaires and are of contrasting colors. A pop of colors for the fingers, this style loves accented and unaccented yellow gold bands.


Cabochon Opal Rings
Opals are finally coming to enter the engagement ring gallery and with fanfare. Cabochon opals are the highlights this season. These rings use single opals with or without side stones. Pear shaped cabochon opals with micro-paved stone halos is a startling example of opal engagement rings. Other styles include emerald-cut and oval-cut opals with round and inverted diamond accents on the sides.

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