Is An Engagement Ring Worth Its Price?

Is An Engagement Ring Worth Its PriceSo after days of going back and forth between choices, it all comes down to one question- is an engagement ring worth its price? Well, the answer to that would be a defiant yes, and for reasons that are a mix of monetary and sentimental. Among the few things in life that require you to put in both your hearts and pockets into, engagement proposal is one. Just vowing to be by her side for life is a thing for the altar. But for a relationship to reach there, you need to put in a little effort every day, and a bit more at every turn and bump. So, when it finally comes to the point when you ask her to marry you, it has to be special. At that moment, the ring and the lines are all that matter.
I will however go into the finer details to argue that an engagement ring is worth its price. So, please continue reading.

It’s a Gesture of Love and Commitment 
Above everything else, an engagement ring is a gesture of your unending love and commitment towards the woman you love. It’s a pronouncement of your affection for her and your sincerity and respect for the relationship you two share. That’s what makes it so imperative for an engagement ring to be extraordinary, because it binds two hearts together and announces the commencement of a journey so phenomenal that nothing short of special should be engaged in the act.

It’s an Asset, and That Makes It an Investment
Monetarily, an engagement ring is an investment. The gold, platinum and gems make it an asset, something that holds its value for a lifetime and longer. So, the investment doesn’t really lose a buck as long as you care for it the right way. Yes, the metal may wear away and the stones may gather some scratch and a couple of gems may even fall out from weakening of settings, but that’s probably after two or more decades of use. With an insurance policy, you can totally secure your investment.

What Would You Not Give to See That Smile
The best way to answer the question posed in the title is to ask yourself another question- What wouldn’t you give to see that smile light up her face to finally see that beautiful ring in your hand? That pretty much closes all counter-argument.

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