Engagement Ring Trends over the Last Century

Trends come and go, but their chronicles always make for an interesting read. If you take any interest in jewelry, then take a moment to glance through the trends in engagement rings spanning over 100 years. If you read till the end, you will be amazed to learn how much the trends have changed over time. Although a 100 years may sound like a long time, but recording the changes in trends that occurred over the years has been an interesting experience. We try to share this incredible experience with you by taking you on a ride down memory lane.

Engagement Ring Trends over the Last Century

Let’s get started then.

The styles in engagement rings at the start of the 20th century was quite simple. The predominant trend at the time was simple solitaires with plain yellow bands. It was very fashionable at the time, and also very European. Though this style is still quite popular in the 21st century, white metal bands have replaced golden ones. Rose gold is another prominent trend at this time.

The 1920s marked a striking change in trends. From simple and minimal, the trends went all the way over to gorgeous and striking. The Edwardian jewelry art meant a lot of hand engravings, and intricate details like lace motif which was a key characteristic of engagement rings of this time. So, although the rings weren’t dramatically big, they were conspicuous.

The 1930s was the era of glamour and that reflects in the jewelry of this era. Art deco themes dominated the jewelry, and the engagement ring genre wasn’t immune from it.

1940s and 50s
The 40s and 50s saw a return to the old. White gold came to prominence and was quickly absorbed in the engagement rings of the time. The trends that were in at the time was mostly vintage Edwardian style. So, once again, a lot of hand engravings returned to prominence.

1960s and 70s
This era shored up the popularity of platinum. White metal was once again back in trend and was a hot thing in the jewelry industry. Among fancy cuts, the emerald shape stepped out of the corners and took the stage.

In the 80s, another fancy cut rose to popularity- the baguette cut. Accenting became a trend in engagement rings at this time. Four-prong setting became a popular style.

It was the turn of the radiant cut to take over the trend after emerald and baguette. Radiant was considered very fancy and stylish.

What’s in trend right now is the halo style, but you probably know that already.

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