Engagement Ring Trends Of 2016

The shopping for engagement rings had started in earnest as soon as Christmas was over in 2015. With Valentine’s Day and the spring knocking on your door in early 2016, the demand for sparklers and colored stones set in gold and platinum had gone up considerably. No worries though, you are not left behind at all. There is time yet to shop for the trendiest rings of the year. The top engagement rings of 2016 surely deserve your admiration. So, go ahead and take a peek. Cheerio!

Your engagement ring may not be passed down through generations yet it has a distinct appeal of its own. So follow your heart when it comes down to choosing color, the stone, and the metal and set your creative juices flowing for the most innovative designs that happens to be strictly your own. The result is certain to be as classic as it is cool. Va-Va-Voom!

Think of a solitaire once again. No, the age old tradition hasn’t vanished as yet and solitaires are certainly the flavor of the year 2016 albeit with a slight difference. Settle for an open setting, if you want to showcase the rock your love has gifted you with. It is just the right way to make the world sit up and take notice.


You can also consider a halo ring, a trend that is still in vogue. The smaller supporting stones in this setting do manage to bring the sedate main stone to attention. So, get set to show off your muted emerald or black diamond in a fail proof manner.


The cut of your diamond is sure to be in for a lot of scrutiny once you announce your engagement. You do not have to worry about the limelight once you have a marquise diamond to show off. It is really quite regal looking and is certain to give your ring a vintage appeal. Fret not, you are allowed to pair it with other stones or tweak the placing of your diamond just a bit in order to give it a modern look instead.

You might also go in for the over/under style of rings that is no doubt the flavor of 2016. The clean setting with no frills is ideal when you have a great diamond to flaunt. You may try the split shank or the wrapped version of this style in order to be different.

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