Engagement Ring Styles That Are Popular in 2018

Trends in fashion are ever-changing. In jewelry, this echoes sharply. What was in trend last year goes to the back of the line in the next, and that’s the way trends roll in the jewelry industry. Like every year, a select few styles have floated up as the most popular in the engagement ring section this year, and as always, the changes are concentrated around the twin key components, ring setting and center stone. In case you follow this range with the alertness of a hawk, you’d know that some styles have moved up a few places since the start of the year. Standing in the second half of the year, following are the styles that are most popular in engagement rings.

Solitaires – Much hasn’t changed around solitaires lately. They were the most popular before and they still are. However, galore of fresh designs have landed in the market in recent times keeping the interest of the people. Although celebrities this year haven’t shown much loyalty to solitaires, not when it comes to their choice of engagement rings, solitaires still continue to be on top.

Halo – Moving on to the next most popular style in engagement rings, the halo style is taking over the hearts and minds of the people. With so many celebrities showing the way to halo being the new classic of 2018, this style has floated up as one of the most coveted styles in engagement rings this year. To keep the excitement up, designers are introducing fresh lots of halo designs every few months. The halo style is loved for its extra sparkle, not to mention the carat advantage it lends to the center stones. It is one of the most popular choices among the modern shoppers who prefer more bling for their buck.

Three-Stone – For a moment it was touch and go for the three-stone style, but the royal engagement reinstated the position of three-stone engagement ring style in the list of the top few. Still going popular among luminaries and commoners alike, three stone is a symbolic edge over others which gives it a leverage. Customization has given three-stone rings the advantage it needed. Through customization, buyers decorate this style to their preference, often swapping colored stones for diamonds. The effect however remains beautiful for all gemstones, such is the versatility of the design.

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