When Your Engagement Ring Stone Comes Loose

Engagement rings are crafted to stand the test of time, or that’s at least how most designers approach them knowing that they are wear-on items for life. However, it seldom happens that an engagement ring sustains the ravages of everyday use for a lifetime. Often signs of wear and tear compromise the structural integrity of the rings leaving them unfit to use unless repaired, or in worse case, replaced. So, if the diamond on your engagement ring  has become a little loose lately, it’s just time casting its impact on a material thing. There are three things you can do in your situation. Let’s take you through the options.

Adopt Some Preventive Ways
There are little things you can do to slow down the aging process of a diamond engagement ring. Quite unfortunately, our notion of diamonds being extraordinarily sturdy gets in the way of caring adequately for our rings. Seriously though, your diamonds need as much care as your pearls. There are little lifestyle changes that you can do every day to keep your sparkler shining. Leave it outside before stepping into the shower for one. Give it a little rub and brush at the end of every week. Take it out while applying makeup or skincare lotions. Toss it in your purse before stepping into the pool for a dip. Don’t touch the diamond unless needed. Get it professionally cleaned every once in two years. And last, but not least, do not involve yourself in handworks like doing dishes, landscaping, dusting, etc. while you are wearing your diamond ring.

Get It Fixed
The second option of course is to get the problem fixed by a professional. By no means try a DIY with your diamond engagement or you’ll be doing it a disservice. Professionals have the tools and means needed to mend jewelry without distorting its aesthetics or structure. So, if it’s a case of weak prong or missing stone, by all means, head to the store and get it restored.

Time to Replace the Old Sparkler
The last option is to get a new one in place of the old. Most people hesitate exchanging their engagement ring for sentimental reasons. That doesn’t have to be until the ring is past the point of repair. Consult a professional jeweler to evaluate the condition of the ring before going into a replacement.

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