Engagement Ring Settings That Suit an Active Lifestyle

Jewelry, in my opinion, should always be picked by judging the wearer’s lifestyle. You may have a penchant for bold jewelry, but it is not the best pick for you, if you are going to wear it through a week of active physical exercise. Particularly, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, keeping your love’s lifestyle in mind is absolutely essential, for this simple reason that she will have to wear it throughout her day. All the same, the choice shouldn’t be made by sacrificing style or quality. So, here are some suggestions of ring settings that are fitting for women who have a very active lifestyle.

Infinity Twists

Infinity twist settings are famous among women who have a particularly active lifestyle. The first reason for that is, infinity twist settings are very basic. They have no complicated holdings or carvings that can get in the way of everyday use. On the other hand, the stones used offer maximum sparkle, something that is absolutely essential in an engagement ring. Infinity twist rings normally use pave-set gems with occasionally used halos for added glamour. Pave setting is perfect for women who practice strenuous activities during the week. The stones are set low enough in the band so they don’t get in the way of rough activities.

Cross Split Shanks

Another superb choice is a cross split shanks ring. Designed for contemporary lifestyles, this design features two bands that split up to cross each other at the center of the ring where the stone is set. The split shanks offer a strong support for the stone mounted in between. Usually a four-prongs setting is used to mount the stone on the head of a cross split solitaire.

Bezel and Semi-Bezels

A third choice is bezel settings. Any bezel design, full or partial serves the purpose. The beauty of a bezel setting is that it creates a metal halo outside the gem while strong securing the stone within its bracket. Bezel settings make it impossible for stones to slip out of its holding during extreme workouts of rough activities. It smugly sits the gem in its contour while aggrandizing the ring with a decently pretty design that never snags on clothes, hairs or anything for that matter.

Whichever design you pick, make sure to mount it with a high-grade diamond as the final touch.

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