Engagement Ring Consultation with Jewelers

Wishing you could design your engagement ring right from scratch? Well, your wish has been granted. Jewelers today are more than just willing to accommodate all kinds of requests from their buyers, and even more, when it concerns designing a ring together from draft. Almost all jewelry companies at this point welcome their buyers to a journey of step by step customization, and it all begins with a consultation appointment. Let’s take you through the entire process for some clarity on how it’s actually done versus what you know.

The First Consultation
The idea of custom ring designing is based on the urge to fit in all of your requisites in the final pieces. To make that possible, the jewelers invite the buyers to come down for a first consultation where the prospect in all its possibilities and impediments are discussed. You don’t have to be an artist to get a ring designed. Just a rough draft or an explicit statement of what you are looking for does the job. So, in order for them to make the ring of your vision, you have to envisage it first. Get some clarity on it before you walk into the store or show up for your online consultation with your jeweler.

A Second Appointment
After gathering all the details they need to put the ring together, the artists begin the work. After spending required hours in the workshop designing your ring, they remerge. Once they contact you, you seek your consultation for the model they have created based on your instructions. For those who are able to produce perspective sketches of their rings, this part is often skipped. For others, it’s a pretty critical phase. This is the stage where all inclusions and eliminations are done. Here is your chance to change whatever you don’t like and keep what you do. Till this point, the artists do not start making the actual ring. Everything till this point is done on the computer.

The Delivery
Once they receive your green signal, they set to crafting the ring with your choice of metal and gems. Once the ring is fully shaped out, which normally takes about a week or two depending on the business season, they box it and deliver it to you. Some sellers call their customers up for a store pickup.

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