Enameled Jewelry – Timeless As they Are

If gold and diamond have stood the test of time, enameled jewelry are not far behind in the race. Enamel works in jewels can be dated back to 1100. Archeological evidence indicates the existence of enameled gold and silverware in the Byzantine era. Vitreous enamel is a Persian art by origin. Slowly, it was lent off as an art of ornamentation to different industries like pottery, jewelry and such. In jewelry, enamel found a special place. Enameling in jewelry-making is same as filling shapes in paintings with colors. It gives the base metal a secondary surface while injecting colors in the piece that stones or metals do not occur in.

Enameled Bangles
The intricacies of enamel art finds expression in bangles among all other jewelry it is done on. Within the restrictive width of gold bangles, jewelers have given birth to some of the most visually exciting specimens of enameling. Patterns have been drawn in a continuous linear progression through the cavities of bangles in some pieces. In others, empty ridges of designs have been filled with colored enamels to create a delightful piece of work. Shapes from geometry like triangle, concurrent squares, half-moons, dominate the designs.

Enameled Earrings
There might not be as much space for detail and distinction in ear pieces, but jewelers have worked wonderfully within these limits to create earrings that have startled the mass with glimpses of possibilities this art encompasses. Antithetical to common perception, enameled rings come in all shapes. Bar earrings, leaf earrings, art deco hoop clips, Hermès studs, Art Nouveau danglers, children’s studs and many other varieties are now made with enamel cores.
Through years, the art of enamel has been passed through filters of precision and refinement, and with a host of cutting-edge technology within reach, the products in the present market by far outweigh those from the early years. Of pieces that are extremely popular among teenagers and adults, ladybug earrings, pansy earrings, vintage enameled Cupronickel earrings and black button ones deserve special mention.

Enameled Charms
The beauty of enameled charms is that they come color-filled. The jewelers mold the patterns with the base material while the enamel does the rest of the job. The hollows are filled with motley colors while the details of the decision find prominence in between separating one color from another with gold and silver linings.
Enameled charm bracelets are made in gold, silver and platinum. You can pick and mix the charms and make your piece with a wrist chain of your choosing. Charms for children include sheep, bunny heads, Easter eggs, flamingos, fish, hibiscus, Christmas trees, stars, coconut trees, starfish, turtles, hummingbirds, piglets, mice and such. For adults, the selection is equally wide. Anything from shamrocks to skating shoes, china dolls to whales can be found or ordered in the stores.

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