Enameled Gold Bangles: When Craftsmanship Meets Choice


Gold bangles always make an interesting finery for any outfit. While these ornaments have a gentle oriental touch to them, they make a fine blend with gowns, decent and racy, long blouses and even jeans and tee. It is the enameled variety that women are showing greater interest towards than the traditional bangles. These ones come with a touch of colors and that makes the patterns in the designs overwhelmingly beautiful. Ladies like to surf the enameled section of bangles better than the bare variety, mostly because of their eclectic collection.

Here are some awe-inspiring specimens for you.
Hinged Enameled Bangles: If this is your first buy of enamel bangles, I’d suggest you pick one from this rack. The hinged bangles are about 2/5 inches wide which makes them slim, yet not too thin. The colors and designs have a distinct feminine feel to them. These bangles are mostly hand enameled and come in a riotous variety of colors. Pink, blue, orange, magenta, black, white, they have at least one piece in each color. The designs are very minimal. What makes them interesting is the color fills. Some models use two colors of enamel, one for the shapes and other for the space outside.

Clean Slate White Bangle: If neutral is your style, then there can barely be anything that can match up to this chic white and gold wrist band. The center of the bangle is filled with milk white enamel while the outer gold rim rises to embrace and contain the enamel from both sides. The combination of white and gold stands out like no other. The white is shades whiter than tusks, but from a distance, it does have an ivory finish.

Hexagonal Enamel-on-Gold Bangle
For fans of geometry, this particular piece is a curious departure from the usual round form of bangles. This one is hexagonal in shape with a lovely gold fitting that adds a curve at every bend.While that manages the angular cuts of the piece, the top side of the bangle is filled with black enamel which whips up an interesting combination of black and gold. Since both the colors are in sharp contrast to one another, the outcome is an exciting visual play.

All Blue Magnetic Clasp Vintage Bangle
A glance at it will tell you that you haven’t seen anything like this one before. Made of gold, this one is a little flatter and wider than the ones described above. The width of the bangle is used to accommodate a thick strip of enamel work encased within thick gold outer lines. The enamel work is what makes the design unbelievably beautiful. Short vertical stripes of ocher and green striate the space against an all-black border. The place where the two ends of the bangle meet is flanked on both sides with an elaborate enamel work. Colors used for this work are a heart-warming deep and a light shade of blue with a touch of gold in between. It’s a vintage bangle, so probably not available in the stores like the others.

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