Emeralds for the May-Born

It’s May, the fifth month of the year that comes in glad tidings, bringing with it spring’s bounty of green. But, aside being the month of spring, it is also the month of emeralds, which is the birthstone of this month. So as May spreads out its blanket of green upon the earth, let this occasion be the reason to add some sparkling emeralds to your jewelry box. Vibrant to verdant, emeralds occur in different shades of green with all earnestness that makes it the stone of truth and purity. If that awakens or piques your curiosity, read till the end to learn a few facts about these bright green stones.

Emeralds for the May-Born

Back in Time

Emeralds were found first by Egyptians in 300 BC. The depth of color and gorgeousness of the stone left civilizations in awe, who for centuries, believed that the stone was dropped to earth from the heaven. The Incas of South America too had a strong association with emeralds. In Incan civilization emerald was one of the priced gems, and when the Europeans visited them from across the Atlantic, for the first time they introduced their white counterparts to this luminous green stone. In India, the Mughals cherished emeralds and wore it as a talisman to stay protected from evil.

Legends and Lore

Through centuries, a thick weave of legend and lore have been woven around emeralds. Some are interesting while others are ludicrous, but none have their foot on scientific bases. Nevertheless, they make interesting stories. Some believed that emeralds are the stone of truth and that when sworn by it, a convict will speak the truth and truth alone. Other believed that soothsayers can see the future gazing at the depths of emeralds. Few others believed that emeralds have the power to cure maladies that medicines cannot cure. Lastly, the stone was known to be the single most effective protection against the evil eye.

Famous Fans of Emeralds

If you thought emeralds are a thing now, then that’s probably not entirely true. The first known figure of prominence who loved emerald was Cleopatra. But in more recent times, it was Elizabeth Taylor who also played Cleopatra. Jackie Kennedy was outspoken about her love for emeralds. More recently, Angelina Jolie among the most popular Hollywood celebs endorses emeralds, and from there, it caught up with the rest of the glitterati mass.


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