Emerald vs Baguette Cut – What’s Your Preferred Diamond?


When it comes to stunning diamonds, even a subtle difference in the stones shape and appearance can alter the look and feel of an engagement ring. This is especially pertinent with larger sized diamonds. The shape of the stone more often than not influences the setting and presentation of the ring.
Two most admired and trendy choices of diamonds in elaborate rectangular shape include the emerald cut and baguette cut. By classification, both are step cut diamonds, with facets that look like steps instead of triangles or shapes. Emerald cut diamonds vary from narrow rectangles to nearly square. Baguette cut diamonds flaunt a similar step cut in a shape that veers to slightly more elongated rectangle. Both these cuts have a dramatic and bold silhouette that elevates diamond rings from mundane brilliance to remarkable uniqueness.

Emerald cut diamond is cherished not for its brilliance but for the luster. Producing an effect of hall-of-mirror, it creates an amazing interplay of dark and light planes. While having less fire, the striking flash of light and long line give emerald cut an elegant and chic appeal.
The baguette cut diamond is admired for its luster and not for sparkle or brilliance. They are less expensive than their emerald cut counterparts.
When it comes to popularity and availability, emerald cut diamonds win hands down. They enjoy a classic tradition in the industry as well as among connoisseurs. Compared to them, baguette cuts often less featured. If you look at any high street jewelry store window, there is a good chance of coming across emerald cut designs whereas baguette cut diamond jewelry will be very rare.

However, the popularity does not indicate that baguette cut diamonds are not available or there is shortage of rough material. These stones are frequently employed as side stones or diamond accents. Typically favored for side stones or in coordinated groups of stones, baguette cut diamonds are set into diamond eternity rings and wedding rings.
When you are buying either emerald cut or baguette cut diamonds, keep in mind two important details including:

  • Proportions – An attractive diamond strikes a more aesthetically appealing and harmonized balance between width and length. It ensures that your diamond portrays a balanced and elegant contour.
  • Inclusions – With both emerald cut and baguette cut diamonds having open tables, inclusions can be easily seen in these stones. Invest in diamonds with at least VS clarity and above to make sure that marks are not visible.

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