Emerald Engagement Rings for the Nontraditional Bride

If the love of your life thinks outside the box, then you may have to shift from the traditional when choosing the engagement artifact for her. A woman with nontraditional thinking may not like a classic diamond solitaire as her engagement sparkler. A welcome break from the diamond obsession is emerald engagement rings. Decorate with cabochon and cut emeralds, these rings are on the rise at this point. With celebs like Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde setting the path for thousands others, emerald engagement rings are now a popular choice among women who do not have a traditional taste.
In emerald engagement rings, you have three broad categories to pick from. Each of these categories have copious choices under their hood.

Emerald Engagement Rings for the Nontraditional Bride

Solitaire Rings: Solitaire emerald rings are instant heart warmers. They are a delight to watch. Set them on any metal band of  your liking. If you want it to be gorgeous, pick yellow gold. If you want nothing to diminish the beauty of the gem, then go for a plain platinum band. Even dual toned bands work great for emerald solitaire rings. They have a simplicity about them which is unmistakable. However, the gem at the heart of the ring uplifts the glam quotient rising them up to an extraordinary plane.

Vintage-Inspired: Emerald stones work great for vintage-inspired rings. There is something about emeralds that is so old-worldly and yet so unmistakably modern. This can be credited to their frontal position as vintage jewelry gems. If your girl likes her jewelry vintage, then get her an antique-inspired emerald stone ring. There are plenty of choices in this category all over the market. Nearly every store today has a section of vintage emerald ring. So, finding them shouldn’t be a problem.

Halo Style: The halo style emerald engagement ring is one of the most popular kinds found in this category. Rings found in this category are gorgeous, elaborate and heavy. These engagement rings are evidently a bit pricier than the others. These rings usually use a combination of emeralds and diamonds, although the center stone used in all cases are specifically emeralds. Anything from cabochon to cut emeralds are used in halo style rings. You can get your ring accented with anything from natural diamonds to culture gemstones. Depending on the kinds and grades of gems used, the prices of the rings go up or down.

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