Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: An Endless Affair with Glamour

One of the exceptional diamond shapes, an emerald cut diamond embodies splendor, refinement, and style. Emerald cut engagement rings epitomize all the passion, imagination, and thought of a bride-to-be who dares to think and choose beyond the ordinary. This ring certainly promises that desired ‘gasp’ of shock when she shows it off. An elegant and unique diamond engagement ring, it gets that sought-after reaction but without causing a huge dent in your budget.

An emerald cut diamond, just like the name suggests, is cut in a precise style that was originally applied only in emeralds. Though a reasonably hard stone, emeralds are known for having plenty of naturally occurring internal flaws. These flaws in turn make emeralds particularly prone to breakage and makes the cutting process challenging. The way out was creating a cut which is stepped, rectangular with cropped corners. It was not long until this cut was replicated in other gemstones, including diamonds.

Compared to their conventional round cut diamond counterparts, emerald cut engagement rings offer more spectacular sparkles of light. The sleek long contours of the stone create a graceful and elegant ring in an array of setting styles.

Emerald cut engagement rings are available at a less steeper price range than traditional choices like round brilliant cut or princess cut diamonds as they are not as frequently chosen options like the other two. However, the rarity, cut and clarity exclusiveness, carat weight, and unique setting styles determine the price of the product and sometime the price tag can be much higher than regular engagement ring selections.

What to Look For in Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Pay attention to the quality of the cut as visibility of any flaw will be higher in this ‘open’ cut. The distinctive optical appearance of emerald cut diamonds is a result of its rectangular facets. Due to its open, larger table, the shape highlights its clarity more easily. If you are choosing an emerald cut with a lower clarity grade, like SI, do not forget to review the clarity plot in the diamond certificate accompanying the ring. A four-prong setting as a solitaire or with petite accent stones looks best in these engagement rings.

Emerald cut engagement ring certainly makes for an exceptional and stunning preference for the woman who would love a ring that reflects her sense and sensibilities.

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