Emerald Cut Diamonds with Dramatic light flashes

Unlike other diamond shapes, many emeralds have clarity characteristics visible to the naked eye which leaves them vulnerable to breakage. Cutting them into a brilliant round stone is oftentimes difficult, so the stepped rectangular cut was developed especially for emeralds. It was later discovered that the emerald cut diamonds can be stunning as well. An emerald cut diamond has concentric facets on its upper and lower sections along with broad facets for its top and bottom. The long lines of the step cut and angled corners make emerald cut diamonds less fiery but give out broader, more dramatic light flashes than the traditional round brilliant cut.

It is very important to pay attention to the quality of the stone when purchasing an emerald cut diamond. The style of the emerald cut makes clarity characteristics and color more prominent than in a brilliant cut. Emerald cut diamonds are often not as trendy the other cuts like the princess cut diamond or the round brilliant cut diamond, so they are usually priced more economically. Guidelines for choosing emerald cut diamonds include a recommended length to width ratio of 1.5:1 to 1.75:1, though personal preference takes priority.

Emerald cut diamonds are lovely as jewels in solitaire engagement rings or surrounded with accent gems. Buyers of emerald cut diamonds generally choose a larger stone.

Whether your diamond is mounted in a ring, a necklace, brooch, earrings or any other piece of jewelry, it is better to have it insured in case it gets damaged, lost or stolen. Your jeweler will have a retail replacement valuation of your emerald cut diamonds during your purchase. This can be sent to your insurance company so that the piece or pieces of jewelry will be added as a rider to your homeowner’s policy. Your premium will be adjusted to cover the retail replacement value of the jewels. In case you are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, it is suggested that you purchase a separate insurance coverage for your valuables.

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