Emerald-Cut Diamonds, for Engagement Rings

This year, the diamond cut that has outranked all other styles to come first in the list of most popular engagement ring cuts is the emerald cut.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds, for Engagement Rings

The Favorite of High-Profile Romances
A little survey that was carried out some time back strongly indicated that celebrities prefer the emerald cut for their engagement rings to the brilliant cuts that were once the crowning pieces. The analysis sampled out 100 celebrities who have proposed in the past few years, and that included all eminent figures from the Duchess of Cambridge to Kim Kardashian. The study analyzed their choices of cuts, carats, style and even metal.
What came to light was quite interesting. It turns out that the oval cut was the most preferred style of diamond for engagement rings among celebrities in 2013 and 2014. However, past that year, emerald cut has made a slow but sure progress towards the top position. This year, it has finally come to score the highest points as the most fashionable cut for engagement rings among celebs.

Why You Want It
Celebs are known to go overboard when it comes to proposing to their beaus. They make ridiculous investments on engagement rings and that’s why they don’t make the best examples for commoners with limited affordability to follow. However, you can choose your own path while borrowing some cues from theirs. There’s no harm in that.

If you are planning to propose to the love of your life sometime this year, then choose emerald-cut diamonds for the engagement ring. This is not exactly because many celebrities are choosing this style, but because, clearly, this style is the most fashionable go-to as of 2014. There are plenty of reasons why this cut has come all the way to the forefront beating all other prospective rivals.

A Closer Look at an Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald cut is gorgeous and that’s something that hardly compares to others. The cut is loved for its beautifully serrated and stepped edges that divide and unite the sides together into a fine tipped culet. The light, as it falls on the steps bounce off straight through the one point of exit, the culet at the bottom, causing a shimmer of radiance that is rare, even in brilliant cut diamonds. Emerald cut stones is one of the most refined cuts ever to be invented by cutters. It has a unique vintage stroke to it that makes it even more precious.

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