Emerald Cut Diamonds Are Fit For Royalty


Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular stepped cut stones with cropped corners. The cut was originally developed as a way to facet emeralds without leaving them vulnerable to accidental damage. In time, jewelers used this cut on other gemstones, especially diamonds due to the faceting, emerald cut diamonds sparkle less than round brilliant cut diamonds, though they are still dramatic.

The way emerald cut diamonds present themselves is simple yet sophisticated. When you purchase emerald cut diamonds, select a high quality stone. Emerald cut diamonds should be of Good cut, with a G for their color, a clarity of VS2, a table of 58 to 69%, and a depth percentage of 58 to 69%. As always, your taste should be considered first and foremost.

If you are choosing diamonds for emerald cut diamond rings, always check the width and length of the diamonds. Some people prefer thinner and longer cuts while others like fatter and shorter ones. This type of cut is not as iconic as other cuts, but makes a beautiful stone anyone would be proud to have in their diamond engagement ring.

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